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M. RambausekF.S. GöküzümL.T.K. Nguyen & M.-A. Keip
Analytical estimation of non-local deformation-mediated magneto-electric coupling in soft compositesInternational Journal of Numerical Methods in Engineering 117 (2019), 1117–1142.
F.S. GöküzümL.T.K. Nguyen & M.-A. Keip
D. KienleF. Aldakheel & M.-A. Keip
A finite-strain phase-field approach to ductile failure of frictional materialsInternational Journal of Solids and Structures 172 (2019), 147–162.
S. TeichtmeisterS. Mauthe & C. Miehe
F.S. GöküzümL.T.K. Nguyen & M.-A. Keip

K. Nguyen & M.-A. Keip
A data-driven approach to nonlinear elasticityComputers and Structures 194 (2018), 97–115.
F.S. Göküzüm & M.-A. Keip
An algorithmically consistent macroscopic tangent operator for FFT-based computational homogenizationInternational Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 113 (2018), 581–600.
A. NateghiH. DalM.-A. Keip & C. Miehe
G. A. ElL. T. K. Nguyen & N. F. Smyth
E. PolukhovD. Vallicotti & M.-A. Keip
Computational stability analysis of periodic electroactive polymer composites across scalesComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 337 (2018), 165–197.
M. Rambausek & M.-A. Keip
D. VallicottiA. Sridhar & M.-A. Keip
Variationally Consistent Computational Homogenization of Micro-Electro-Mechanics at Finite DeformationsInternational Journal for Multiscale Computational Engineering 16 (2018), 377–395.

L. BögerA. Nateghi & C. Miehe
M.-A. Keip & M. Rambausek
L. BögerM.-A. Keip & C. Miehe
A. NateghiM.-A. Keip & C. Miehe
An Affine Full-Network Model for Strain-Induced Crystallization in RubbersConstitutive Models for Rubber X (2017), 121–127.
S. TeichtmeisterD. KienleF. Aldakheel & M.-A. Keip
Phase field modeling of fracture in anisotropic brittle solidsInternational Journal of Non-linear Mechanics 97 (2017), 1–21.

C. MieheD. Vallicotti & S. Teichtmeister
A. SridharM.-A. Keip & C. Miehe
Homogenization in micro-magneto-mechanicsComputational Mechanics 58 (2016), 151–169.
C. MieheS. Teichtmeister & F. Aldakheel
C. MieheF. Aldakheel & A. Raina
S. Mauthe & C. Miehe
Hydraulic Fracture in poro-hydro-elastic mediaMechanics Research Communications 80 (2016), 69–83.
M. LabuschM.-A. KeipV. V. ShvartsmanD. C. Lupascu & J. Schröder
C. MieheD. KienleF. Aldakheel & S. Teichtmeister
M.-A. Keip & A. Sridhar
A variationally consistent approach to micro-magnetic domain evolution at large deformationsMathematics of Magnetoelastic Materials, Oberwolfach Report 51/2016 (2016), 11–13.
J. SchröderM. Labusch & M.-A. Keip
Algorithmic two-scale transition for magneto-electro-mechanically coupled problemsComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 302 (2016), 253–280.
M.-A. KeipB. KieferJ. Schröder & C. Linder
Special Issue on Phase Field Approaches to Fracture: In Memory of Professor Christian Miehe (1956-2016)Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 312 (2016), 1–2.
M.-A. Keip & M. Rambausek
A multiscale approach to the computational characterization of magnetorheological elastomersInternational Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 107 (2016), 338–360.
M. LabuschM. EtierD. C. LupascuJ. Schröder & M.-A. Keip
Product properties of a two-phase magneto-electric compositeIn: S. Schmauder & I. Schäfer (Eds.): Multiscale Materials Modeling: Approaches to Full Multiscaling, de Gruyter (2016), 93–114.

H. Dal & C. Miehe
C. MieheL. Schänzel & H. Ulmer
C. MieheM. HofackerL. Schänzel & F. Aldakheel
D. Zäh & C. Miehe
Multiplicative electro-elasticity of electroactive polymers accounting for micromechanically-based network modelsComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 286 (2015), 394–421.
C. MieheD. Vallicotti & D. Zäh
Computational structural and material stability analysis in finite electro-elasto-statics of electro-active materialsInternational Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 102 (2015), 1605–1637.
C. MieheS. Mauthe & S. Teichtmeister
A. Raina & C. Miehe
A phase-field model for fracture in biological tissuesBiomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology 15 (3) (2015), 479–496.
C. MieheH. DalL. Schänzel & A. Raina
A phase field model for chemo-mechanical induced fracture in lithium-ion battery electrode particlesInternational Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering (2015) 106 (9) (2015), 683–711.
C. MieheD. Vallicotti & S. Teichtmeister
H.-Y. AmanieuH. N. M. ThaiS. Y. LuchkinD. RosatoD. C. LupascuM.-A. KeipJ. Schröder & A. L. Kholkin
S. Mauthe & C. Miehe
Variational Gradient Plasticity: Local-Global Updates, Regularization and Laminate Microstructures in Single Crystals. In S. Conti & K. Hackl (eds.): Analysis and Computation of Microstructure in Finite Plasticity. Springer, Heidelberg, 2015, pp. 89–123.
C. Miehe & S. Mauthe
G. EthirajA. Sridhar & C. Miehe
G. Ethiraj & C. Miehe

D. Rosato & C. Miehe
C. Miehe
C. MieheF. Welschinger & F. Aldakheel
C. MieheS. Mauthe & F.E. Hildebrand
M. LabuschM. EtierD. C. LupascuJ. Schröder & M.-A. Keip
C. Miehe & L. Schänzel
Phase field modeling of fracture in rubbery polymers. Part I: Finite elasticity coupled with brittle failureJournal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 65 (2014), 93–113.
M.-A. KeipP. Steinmann & J. Schröder
Two-scale computational homogenization of electro-elasticity at finite strainsComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 278 (2014), 62–79.
C. MieheF.E. Hildebrand & L. Böger
C. MieheS. Mauthe & H. Ulmer
D. SchradeR. MüllerD. GrossM.-A. KeipH.N. M. Thai & J. Schröder
An invariant formulation for phase field models in ferroeletricsInternational Journal for Solids and Structures 51 (2014), 2144–2156.

M. Hofacker & C. Miehe
A phase field model of dynamic fracture: Robust field updates for the analysis of complex crack patternsInternational Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 93 (2013), 276–301.
C. MieheF. Aldakheel & S. Mauthe
Mixed variational principles and robust finite element implementations of gradient plasticity at small strainsInternational Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 94 (2013), 1037–1074.
D. Zäh & C. Miehe
Computational Homogenization in Dissipative Electro-Mechanics of Functional MaterialsComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 267 (2013), 487–510.
J. SchröderM.-A. KeipM. Labusch & D. C. Lupascu
Strain induced product properties of magneto-electric compositesIn: A. Zingoni (Ed.): Research and Applications in Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation (2013), 393–398.

F.E. Hildebrand & C. Miehe
M. Hofacker & C. Miehe
C. Linder & C. Miehe
C. Miehe
C. Miehe & G. Ethiraj
A geometrically consistent incremental variational formulation for phase field models in micromagneticsComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 245-246 (2012), 331–347.
C. MieheD. Zäh & D. Rosato
Variational-based modeling of micro-electro-elasticity with electric field-driven and stress-driven domain evolutionsInternational Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 91 (2012), 115–141.
F.E. Hildebrand & C. Miehe

E. Gürses & C. Miehe
On evolving deformation microstructures in non-convex partially damaged solidsJournal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 59 (2011), 1268–1290.
C. LinderD. Rosato & C. Miehe
New finite elements with embedded strong discontinuities for the modeling of failure in electromechanical coupled solidsComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 200 (2011), 141–161.
C. LinderM. Tkachuk & C. Miehe
C. Miehe
A multi-field incremental variational framework for gradient-extended standard dissipative solidsJournal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 59 (2011), 898–923.
C. MieheI. Frankenreiter & D. Rosato
Codf-evolutions on polycrystalline orientation continua obtained by fast geometric estimates of plastic slipInternational Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 85 (2011), 1103–1139.
C. MieheB. Kiefer & D. Rosato
An incremental variational formulation of dissipative magnetostriction at the macroscopic continuum levelInternational Journal of Solids and Structures 48 (2011), 1846–1866.
C. MieheJ. Méndez DiezS. Göktepe & L. Schänzel
Coupled thermoviscoplasticity of glassy polymers in the logarithmic strain space based on the free volume theoryInternational Journal of Solids and Structures 48 (2011), 1799–1817.
C. Miehe & D. Rosato
A rate-dependent incremental variational formulation of ferroelectricityInternational Journal of Engineering Science 49 (2011), 466–496.
C. MieheD. Rosato & B. Kiefer
Variational principles in dissipative electro-magneto-mechanics: A framework for the macro-modeling of functional materialsInternational Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 86 (2011), 1225–1276.

C. MieheJ. Dettmar & D. Zäh
Homogenization and two-scale simulations of granular materials for different microstructural constraintsInternational Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 83 (2010), 1206–1236.
C. MieheM. Hofacker & F. Welschinger
A phase field model for rate-independent crack propagation: Robust algorithmic implementation based on operator splitsComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 199 (2010), 2765–2778.
C. MieheD. Rosato & I. Frankenreiter
C. MieheF. Welschinger & M. Hofacker
Thermodynamically consistent phase-field models of fracture: Variational principles and multi-field FE implementationsInternational Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 83 (2010), 1273–1311.
C. MieheF. Welschinger & M. Hofacker
A phasefield model of electromechanical fractureJournal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 58 (2010), 1716–1740.
C. MieheJ. Dettmar & D. Zäh
Homogenization and multiscaling of granular media for different microstructural constraints. In R. de Borst & E. Ramm (eds.): Multiscale Methods in Computational Mechanics, Volume 55 of Lecture Notes in Applied and Computational Mechanics. Springer, Dordrecht, 2010, pp. 155–177.

E. Gürses & C. Miehe
A computational framework of three-dimensional configurational-force-driven brittle crack propagationComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 198 (2009), –413-1428.
C. MieheS. Göktepe & J. Méndez Diez
Finite viscoplasticity of amorphous glassy polymers in the logarithmic strain spaceInternational Journal of Solids and Structures 46 (2009), 181–202.

S. Göktepe & C. Miehe
Efficient two-scale modeling of finite rubber viscoelasticityTechnische Mechanik 28 (2008), 22–31.
K. GarikipatiS. Göktepe & C. Miehe
Elastica-based strain energy functions for soft biological tissueJournal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 56 (2008), 1693–1713.

C. Miehe & C.G. Bayreuther
On multiscale FE analyses of heterogeneous structures: From homogenization to multigrid solversInternational Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 71 (2007), 1135–1180.
C. Miehe & E. Gürses
A robust algorithm for configurational-force-driven brittle crack propagation with r-adaptive mesh alignmentInternational Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 72 (2007), 127–155.
C. MieheE. Gürses & M. Birkle
C. Miehe & D. Rosato
Fast texture updates in fcc polycrystal plasticity based on a linear active-set-estimate of the lattice spinJournal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 55 (2007), 2687–2716.

C. Miehe

C. Miehe & S. Göktepe
S. Göktepe & C. Miehe

C. Miehe & N. Apel
C. Miehe & J. Dettmar
A framework for micro-macro transitions in periodic particle aggregates of granular materialsComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 193 (2004), 225–256.
C. MieheS. Göktepe & F. Lulei
A micro-macro approach to rubber-like materials. Part I: The non-affine micro-sphere model of rubber elasticityJournal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 52 (2004), 2617–2660.
C. MieheM. Lambrecht & E. Gürses
C. Miehe & J. Schotte

M. LambrechtC. Miehe & J. Dettmar
Energy relaxation of non-convex incremental stress potentials in a strain-softening elastic-plastic barInternational Journal of Solids and Structures 40 (2003), 1369–1391.
C. Miehe
C. Miehe & M. Lambrecht
C. Miehe & M. Lambrecht

C. Miehe
Strain-driven homogenization of inelastic microstructures and composites based on an incremental variational formulationInternational Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 55 (2002), 1285–1322.
C. MieheN. Apel & M. Lambrecht
C. Miehe & A. Koch
C. MieheJ. Schotte & M. Lambrecht
Homogenization of inelastic solid materials at finite strains based on incremental minimization principlesJournal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 50 (2002), 2123–2167.
C. MieheJ. Schröder & C.G. Bayreuther
C. MieheJ. Schröder & M. Becker

S. Govindjee & C. Miehe
A multi-variant martensitic phase transformation model: Formulation and numerical implementationComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 191 (2001), 215–238.
M. Lambrecht & C. Miehe
A note on formulas for localized failure of frictional materials in compression and biaxial loading modesInternational Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics 25 (2001), 955–971.
C. Miehe & M. Lambrecht
C. Miehe & J. Schröder
A comparative study of stress update algorithms for rate-independent and rate-dependent crystal plasticityInternational Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 50 (2001), 273–298.
C. Miehe & J. Schroeder
Energy and momentum conserving elastodynamics of a non-linear brick-type mixed finite shell elementInternational Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 50 (2001), 1801–1823.

C. Miehe & J. Keck

M. Lambrecht & C. Miehe
C. Miehe & J. Schröder
Computational Micro-Macro-Transitions in Thermoplastic Analysis at Finite Strains. In O.T. Bruhns & E. Stein (eds.): IUTAM-Symposium on Micro-Macrostructural Aspects of Thermoplasticity. Kluever Academic Publishers, 1999, pp. 137–146.
C. MieheJ. Schotte & J. Schröder
C. MieheJ. Schröder & J. Schotte

C. Miehe
C. Miehe
A theoretical and computational model for isotropic elastoplastic stress analysis in shells at large strainsComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 155 (1998), 193–233.
C. Miehe
A constitutive frame of elastoplasticity at large strains based on the notion of a plastic metricInternational Journal of Solids and Structures 35 (1998), 3859–3897.
C. Miehe

J. SchröderO. KlaasE. Stein & C. Miehe
A physically nonlinear dual mixed finite element formulationComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 144 (1997), 77–92.
J. Schröder & C. Miehe
Aspects of computational rate-independent crystal plasticityComputational Materials Science 9 (1997), 168–176.

C. Miehe
Exponential map algorithm for stress updates in anisotropic elastoplasticity at large strains for single crystalsInternational Journal Numerical Methods in Engineering 39 (1996), 3367–3390.
C. Miehe
Multisurface thermoplasticity for single crystals at large strains in terms of Eulerian vector updatesInternational Journal of Solids and Structures 33 (1996), 3103–3130.
C. Miehe
Numerical computation of algorithmic (consistent) tangent moduli in large-strain computational inelasticityComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 134 (1996), 223–240.
P. SteinmannC. Miehe & E. Stein
Fast transient dynamic plane stress analysis of orthotropic Hill-type solids at finite elastoplastic strainsInternational Journal of Solids and Structures 33 (1996), 1543–1562.

O. KlaasJ. SchröderE. Stein & C. Miehe
A regularized dual mixed element for plane elasticity. Implementation and performance of the BDM elementComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 121 (1995), 201–209.
C. Miehe
Entropic thermo-elasticity at finite strains: Aspects of the formulation and numerical implementationComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 120 (1995), 243–269.
C. Miehe
Discontinuous and continuous damage evolution in Ogden-type large-strain elastic materialsEuropean Journal of Mechanics A/Solids 14 (1995), 697–720.
C. Miehe
E. SteinP. Steinmann & C. Miehe
Instability phenomena in plasticity: Modeling and computationComputational Mechanics 17 (1995), 74–87.

C. Miehe
C. Miehe
Aspects of the formulation and finite element implementation of large strain isotropic elasticityInternational Journal of Numerical Methods in Engineering 37 (1994), 1981–2004.
C. Miehe & J. Schröder
C. MieheE. Stein & W. Wagner
P. SteinmannC. Miehe & E. Stein
On the localization analysis of orthotropic Hill type elastoplastic solidsJournal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 42 (1994), 1969–1994.
P. SteinmannC. Miehe & E. Stein
P. Wriggers & C. Miehe
Contact constraints within coupled thermomechanical analysis - A finite element modelComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 113 (1994), 301–319.

C. Miehe
Computation of isotropic tensor functionsCommunications in Applied Numerical Methods 9 (1993), 889–896.

C. Miehe & E. Stein
J.C. Simo & C. Miehe
Associative coupled thermoplasticity at finite strains: Formulation, numerical analysis and implementationComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 98 (1992), 41–104.
P. WriggersC. MieheM. Kleiber & J.C. Simo
On the coupled thermomechanical treatment of necking problems via finite element methodsInternational Journal of Numerical Methods in Engineering 33 (1992), 869–883.

P. WriggersW. Wagner & C. Miehe
A quadratically convergent procedure for the calculation of stability points in finite element analysisComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 70 (1988), 329–347.
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