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Winter term 2018/2019

The lecture Introduction to model order reduction of mechanical systems (6 ECTS) will be offered (in english).
[Registration via C@MPUS]

Summer term 2019

The lecture Introduction to model order reduction of mechanical systems (6 ECTS) will be offered (in english).
[Registration via C@MPUS]
Preliminary meeting: Mo, April 8, 2019, 13:30-14:00 seminar room of the institute (V9.3.141); favored time slots for lecture: Mon 11:30-13:00 OR Tue 11:30-13:00 OR Wed 11:30-13:00; computer lab to be announced
NEW: Starting summer 2019 the course will shift to the summer term (previously: winter term).

SimTech Student Research Projects,

BSc/MSc Topics

Tensor decomposition applied to Space-Time Reduced Order Modeling
tensor decomposition, space-time reduced basis, sparse data approximation

Compression of reduced basis operators in computational mechanics
keywords: data compression, reduced quadrature/integration, local reduced basis, nonlinear homogenization

DataFairTrade: free simulations for open data
keywords: open data; open compute resources; open access; data tokens for science

Homogenization of materials with uncertain material properties
keywords: computational homogenization; uncertainty quantification; reduced order modeling

Adaptive data-driven surrogates for computational homogenization
keywords: radial basis function; interpolation; adaptive refinement

Low intrusive FE Square simulations using surrogate models on the microscale
keywords: nonintrusive model order reduction; twoscale simulations; Python or C/C++; parallel programming

Computational damage mechanics with gradient enrichment
keywords: computational damage mechanics; algorithmic development; enriched continuum theory

Generation of artificial microstructures with graded properties
keywords: material modeling; microstructure generation; graded materials; microstructural characteristization

Potential-based modeling of viscoelastic interfaces
material modeling; cohesive zones; rheological model; numerical implementation

Efficient simulations of periodic heterogeneous microstructures on Cartesian grids
 computational homogenization; voxel data; numerical implementation

Data supported time integration for nonlinear DAE systems
constitutive modeling; differential algebraic equation (DAE); data analysis; numerical implementation


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