New PML publication with Dominik Fauser and Holger Steeb

June 21, 2023 / Paul Voland

Title: "DLP 4D Printing of Multi-Responsive Bilayered Structures" published in the scientific journal Advanced Materials Technologies
[Picture: Dominik Fauser]

Dominik Fauser, Holger Steeb et al. just published their work in Advanced Materials Technologies:

"DLP 4D Printing of Multi-Responsive Bilayered Structures"

This publication was prepared in the context of EXC 2075 SimTech, SPP 2100 and RTG 2948 "Mixed Ionic-Electronic Transport" together with the group of Eva Blasco from Heidelberg University.


Advances in soft robotics strongly rely on the development and manufacturing of new responsive soft materials. In particular, light-based 3D printing techniques, and especially, digital light processing (DLP), offer a versatile platform for the fast manufacturing of complex 3D/4D structures with a high spatial resolution. In this work, DLP all-printed bilayered structures exhibiting reversible and multi-responsive behavior are presented for the first time. For this purpose, liquid crystal elastomers (LCEs) are used as active layers and combined with a printable non-responsive elastomer acting as a passive layer. Furthermore, selective light response is incorporated by embedding various organic dyes absorbing light at different regimes in the active layers. An in-depth characterization of the single materials and printed bilayers demonstrates a reversible and selective response. Last, the versatility of the approach is shown by DLP printing a bilayered complex 3D structure consisting of four different materials (a passive and three different LCE active materials), which exhibit different actuation patterns when irradiated with different wavelengths of light.

Please cite as

P. Mainik, L.-Y. Hsu, C. W. Zimmer, D. Fauser, H. Steeb, and E. Blasco. DLP 4D Printing of Multi-Responsive Bilayered Structures. Advanced Materials Technologies, 2023, Doi: 10.1002/admt.202300727

Publication: "DLP 4D Printing of Multi-Responsive Bilayered Structures"

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