Research Training Group RTG2948 funded

May 10, 2023 / Paul Voland

New Research Training Group between Heidelberg University and the University of Stuttgart is funded by the DFG
[Picture: PCI, UHei, T. Schwerdt]

The German Research Foundation (DFG) allocates approximately 7.4 million euros over a period of five years to establish a new Research Training Group (RTG) in the field of materials science with the title 'Mixed Ionic-Electronic Transport: From Fundamentals to Application' (code RTG2948). The research interest lies in collaboration between groups from chemistry, physics and engineering sciences - accordingly Heidelberg University and the University of Stuttgart will cooperate for this RTG. Co-spokesperson is Prof. Dr. Sabine Ludwigs (Institute of Polymer Chemistry - IPOC) and involved PIs are Prof. Dr. Holger Steeb (Institute of Applied Mechanics - MIB) as well as Dr. Alexander Schlaich (Institute for Computational Physics - ICP) on the part of the University of Stuttgart. Congratulations for the successful acquisitioning!

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