Engineering Mechanics III/2

Bachelor | ST | 3 ECTS | DE

Kinematics and Kinetics and Vibrations of Rigid Bodies
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Basic information

C@MPUS: Description of the module, dates, link to the Ilias-group

Scheduled semester

4. semester Bachelor (according to curriculum)


Annual, in summer term, read alternately among chairs



Associated events
  • Lecture à 1,5 SWS
  • Lecture exercise à 1 SWS
  • (Voluntary) additional exercise
  • Preliminary test: 1 of 2 homework assignments passed

Students with subject Bau, SimTech and VIng as well as interested persons with differing subjects

Lecturer and assistant in summer term 2023:

This image shows Holger Steeb

Holger Steeb

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Institute Director


Paul Voland, Daniel Rostan

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