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Paul Voland

M. Sc.

Doctoral Researcher
Institute of Applied Mechanics (MIB)
Chair of Continuum Mechanics
[Photo: Paul Voland]


Pfaffenwaldring 7
70569 Stuttgart
Room: PWR9 3.136

Office Hours

by arrangement

Engineering Mechanics III/1: tuesdays from 13:30 to 14:00 (registration in the office) - only during lecture period


  • General continuum mechanics, continuum thermodynamics and advanced continuum mechanics for multicomponent/multiphase materials within the framework of the theory of porous media (TPM)
  • Linear poroelasticity
  • (Algebraic) reconstruction algorithms for µXRCT scanning data sets
  • Hydro-mechanical description of deformable fracture networks
  • Hybrid-dimensional finite elements for the coupling of poroelasticity with flow behaviour inside the fracture networks
  • Wagner, A., Eggenweiler, E., Weinhardt, F., Trivedi, Z., Krach, D., Lohrmann, C., Jain, K., Karadimitriou, N., Bringedal, C., Voland, P., Holm, C., Class, H., Steeb, H. (2021). Permeability Estimation of Regular Porous Structures: A Benchmark for Comparison of Methods. Transport in Porous Media, 138, 1-23. Doi: 10.1007/s11242-021-01586-2

Accompanied courses (organization and realization of tutorials and exercises):

  • Computer-oriented methods for continua and shell structures (CMKF) in WT 2020/2021
  • Engineering Mechanics I (TM I) in WT 2021/22
  • Engineering Mechanics II (TM II) in ST 2022
  • Engineering Mechanics III/1 (TM III/1) in WT 2022/23

Supervised student works:

  • Evaluation of the strength of algebraic reconstruction algorithms for µXRCT scanning based on generic examples (SimTech research module 1, Fritz Otlinghaus, ST 2021)
June 2013 general qualification for university entrance (A levels), Erasmus-Widmann-Gymnasium Schwäbisch Hall
2013 - 2018 Bachelor studies Simulation Technology, University of Stuttgart
May 2018 degree: B.Sc. Simulation Technology
2018 - 2020 Master studies Simulation Technology, University of Stuttgart
June 2020 degree: M.Sc. Simulation Technology
since Sept. 2020 doctoral researcher at the Institute of Applied Mechanics (MIB), Chair of Continuum Mechanics, University of Stuttgart


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