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 Theory of Porous Media (TPM) 


$\bullet$Goal: Continuum mechanical description of cohesive and non-cohesive soil materials

$\bullet$Macroscopic approach: TPM, i. e. mixture theory extended by the concept of volume fractions 

\epsfig {figure=poren.eps, width=55mm} 

        real geometry                                           homogenized model 

$\bullet$Multiphase model 

  $\triangleright\ $ solid skeleton (soil): porous, elasto-plastic, materially incompressible
  $\triangleright\ $ pore-liquid (water): viscous, materially incompressible
  $\triangleright\ $ pore-gas (air): viscous, materially compressible


Volumetric Composition of the Soil 

\epsfig {figure=vol.eps, width=55mm} 

$\bullet$Saturation constraint 

  $n^S +\, n^L +\, n^G =\, 1 \quad \mbox{with} \quad n^L +\, n^G =\, n^F\ \ \mbox{(porosity)}$
  $S:\, S\/\mbox{olid}\,,\ L:\,L\/\mbox{iquid}\,,\ G:\, G\/\mbox{as}\,,\ F:\,\mbox{overall}\ F\/\mbox{luid}$

$\bullet$Degrees of saturation 

  $s^L =\, {n^L}/{n^F}\,,\quad s^G =\, {n^G}/{n^F} \quad \mbox{with}\quad s^L +\, s^G =\, 1$


Solid-Fluid Interaction 

$\bullet$Multiphase flow 

\epsfig{file=single.eps, width=55mm, angle=0} 


$\triangleright\ $ capillary-pressure-saturation and relative-permeability-saturation relation
  $\triangleright\ $ Darcy's general filter law


Elasto-Plasticity Model for Frictional Materials 

$\bullet$Yield function in the principal stress space 



$\triangleright\ $ single surface yield criterion with isotropic work-hardening  
  $\triangleright\ $ additional plastic potential  
  $\triangleright\ $ non-associated flow rule  


Numerical Examples 

$\bullet$Back analysis of triaxial tests on Berlin sand 

\epsfig{file=triax.eps, width=55mm, angle=0} 

$\bullet$Strip footing on an elasto-plastic half space 

\epsfig{file=netzbunt.eps, width=55mm, angle=0} 

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