January 10, 2018 /

An Algorithmic Comparison of the Hyper-Reduction and the Discrete Empirical Interpolation Method for a Nonlinear Thermal Problem

PDF freely available (OPEN ACCESS)

The joint effort of members of the scientific network CoSiMOR (DFG FR2702/4, /7) finally led to our first publication which is now available online as OPEN ACCESS resource.

The article can be found at  http://www.mdpi.com/2297-8747/23/1/8 or through the DOI  10.3390/mca23010008

We hope you enjoy the reading!

Felix Fritzen (EMMA), Bernard Haasdonk (IANS, University of Stuttgart), David Ryckelynck (Mines ParisTech), Sebastian Schöps (GS Computational Engineering, Technical University of Darmstadt)

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