November 3, 2016 / Felix Oliver Fritzen

New article (Mechanics of Materials)

FREE PDF until Dec 31st 2016!!!

Matthias Leuschner and Felix Fritzen have achieved a major milestone within the DFG project"Effiziente nichtlineare Homogenisierung grenzflächenbehafteter Materialien durch Ordnungsreduktionsverfahren" / "Efficient nonlinear homogenization of materials with interfaces using model order reduction" (grant DFG FR2702/3) by establishing reduced order models not only for bulk OR cohesive interfaces, but by (for the first time) coupling the nonlinear, dissipative mechanisms in both in a low-dimensional framework. You can find more information in our recent addition to  "Mechanics of Materials" which is currently being typeset:

(final version manuscript)

If you do not have access to Mechanics of Materials, the following link gives you free access and it is valid until the end of 2016:

free PDF

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