Selected Topics in the Theories of Plasticity and Viscoelasticity


It is the goal of the lecture to convey a general understanding of inelastic material behavior regarding the micromechanical origins, the theoretical modeling and the numerical treatment based on selected model problems. The lecture will cover both purely phenomenological as well as micromechanically motivated approaches to inelastic material response. Topics may include:

  • Introduction to the Inelastic Material Behavior of Solids.
  • Phenomenological Continuum-Based Modeling of Inelastic Material Behavior.
  • Numerical Aspects such as Integration Algorithms of Evolution Systems, Stress-Update Algorithms, Consistent Linearization of Updating Schemes and FE Formulation.
  • Micromechanical Origins of Inelastic Material Behavior and Length Scales.
  • Micromecanically-Based Modeling of Inelasticity: Crystal Plasticity.
  • Advanced Modeling Topics such as Gradient (Crystal) Plasticity or Thermoplasticity.
  • Advanced Numerical Topics such as Mixed Finite Element Formulations.


The lecture will be accompanied with suitable exercises.

  • Complete notes on blackboard
  • Exercise material will be handed out in the exercises


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Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Marc-André Keip

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