Smart Materials

Micromechanics of Smart and Multifunctional Materials


The modeling approaches are rooted in micromechanics, mostly phenomenological, and build on the framework of continuum mechanics and the thermodynamically-consistent formulation of constitutive equations as taught in earlier courses. This framework, which accounts for thermomechanical coupling, is extended, where necessary, to include electric and magnetic coupling effects. The lecture covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to continuum mechanics and basic modeling concepts
  • Numerical solution of partial differential equations with the Finite Element Method in one dimension
  • Maxwell Theory (electro-magnetism)
  • Modeling of electro-mechanically coupled materials
  • Modeling of magneto-mechanically coupled materials
  • Complete notes on blackboard
  • Exercise material will be handed out in the exercises


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Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Marc-André Keip

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