Institute of Applied Mechanics (CE)


Pfaffenwaldring 7
70569 Stuttgart


  • Continuum mechanics and constitutive theory
  • Computational mechanics of polymeric materials
  • Coupled chemo-mechanical problems
  • Coupled thermo-mechanical problems
since 2015
Research associate at the  Institute of Applied Mechanics, University of Stuttgart.
Master studies in Computational Mechanics of Materials and Structures,University of Stuttgart.
Bachelor studies in Civil Engineering, Tabriz University, Iran.
  • "Thermo-Chemo-Mechanical Modeling of Cathode Particles in Lithium-Ion Batteries". GAMM Annual Scientific Conference 2019, February 20, 2019, Vienna, Austria.
  • "An Affine Full-Network Model for Strain-Induced Crystallization in Rubbery Polymers". 7th GACM Colloquium on Computational Mechanics, October 13, 2017, Stuttgart, Germany.
  • "An Affine Full-Network Model for Strain-Induced Crystallization in Rubbers". 10th European Conference on Constitutive Models for Rubber (ECCMR X), August 30, 2017, Munich, Germany.
  • "An Affine Micro-Sphere Model for Strain-Induced Crystallization in Rubbery Polymers". GAMM Annual Scientific Conference 2017, March 8, 2017, Weimar, Germany.
  • "Variational Formulation and Numerical Implementation of Diffusion in Hydrogels at Finite Strains". GAMM Annual Scientific Conference 2015, March 25, 2015, Lecce, Italy.
  • "Variational Diffusion Coupled with Elasto-Dynamics and its Application to Simulate Hydrogels". Master Thesis presentation, December 9, 2014, University of Stuttgart, Germany.
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