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Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Holger Steeb

Head of Institute
Institute of Applied Mechanics (CE)
Chair of Continuum Mechanics


+49 711 685-66029
+49 711 685-66347


Pfaffenwaldring 7
70569 Stuttgart
Room: Sekretariat

Office Hours

on demand

Publications in peer-reviewed journals:
  1. 2021

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  2. 2020

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  3. 2019

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  4. 2018

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  5. 2017

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  6. 2016

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  7. 2015

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  8. 2014

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  20. 2002

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In the winter term WS 19/20 I am teaching the following courses

  • Technische Mechanik I (TM I)
  • Höhere Mechanik I (HM I)
  • Mechanik inkompressibler Fluide (MiF)
  • Continuum Mechanics (C1) - COMMAS

Please have a further look in  ILIAS for content information of the courses (lecture notes, summaries etc) and in  C@MPUS for organizational issues (like exam registration).

1990-1995 Graduation in Civil Engineering (Dipl.-Ing.), University of Stuttgart
1996-2001 Teaching assistant, Institute of Structural Mechanics, University of Stuttgart
June 2002  Doctoral degree (Dr.-Ing.), University of Stuttgart
2001-2002 Researcher (SFB 404), Institute of Mechanics, University of Stuttgart
2002-2008 Researcher & Lecturer, Chair of Applied Mechanics, Saarland University, Saarbrücken
Post-Doc Fellow (through EU-RTN), Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Physics,
NTUA Athens, Greece
2008 Habilitation in Mechanics (Venia Legendi in Mechanics), Saarland University, Saarbrücken
since 5/2008 Assistant Professor (now Guest Professor), Multi-Scale Mechanics, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands
2009-9/2015 Full Professor (W3) for Continuum Mechanics at the Institute for Computational Engineering, Ruhr-University Bochum
since 10/2015 Full Professor (W3) for Continuum Mechanics at the Institute of Applied Mechanics (CE), University of Stuttgart
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